Nano Brew one of 12 Hottest Craft Beer Bars in the US


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Tom Acitelli, author of the new book "The Audacity of Hops: The History of America's Craft Beer Revolution," has just published a listing of what he calls the hottest new beer bars across the land.

Nano Brew, in Ohio City, ranks in at number five.

"The brewpub plus beer garden opened late last summer, and serves regional faves like Bell's and Great Lakes from 24 taps," writes Acitelli. "There are also the hoppy products of Nano's own adjoining 1-barrel system, including an American IPA loaded with organic Citra hops."

"We're jazzed to be called one of the 12 hottest craft beer bars in America," owner Sam McNulty shared with Scene. "Ohio City really is beer-vana!"

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