NASA Is Going to Print Pizza


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3-D printing, among the glitzier technologies making headlines these days, may give towers of pizza majesty like Angelo's a run for their money.

Well, not likely.

But according to this gem published by The Cleveland Leader today, NASA is throwing money toward a 3-D printer capable of printing food. Like pizza and chocolate, for starters.

The space agency hopes that such a system could provide astronauts food during long distance space travel, but the printer's creator has a much loftier goal of helping to solve increasing world food shortages by cutting down on waste.

The process would involve printing a layer of dough and a basic tomato sauce. For now, reports have the pizza topping specified as little more than a "protein layer." Mmm... Delicious.

With an initial grant investment of $125,000, this potential solution to global hunger and astronauts' munchies could be revolutionary in the truest sense of the word.

And down the line - think about it - kids will probably be able to print a massive pile of cheese puffs right off their telepathically-enabled mindPhones. PROGRESS!


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