Rock Hall hosts media preview of Rolling Stones exhibit



This morning, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum hosted a group of local reporters and gave them a tour of Rolling Stones: 50 Years of Satisfaction, the new exhibit that opens on Friday. New York-based curator Craig Inciardi led the group through the exhibit, which takes up the Rock Hall’s top two floors. After you walk through a giant “tongue” at the exhibit entrance, you’ll see some 100 still photos of the group that scroll through on a 9-minute loop. Vintage concert footage plays on a series of TV monitors and the exhibit starts chronologically with a “roots section” that documents how singer Mick Jagger and guitarist Keith Richards first met when they were kids and then lost touch with one another before meeting again years later and discovering they shared a love for American blues and rock ’n’ roll. Key items from the ’60s include a Brian Jones dulcimer, the Mellotron used on “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” and the red shirt that Richards wore when the band played Altamont.

On the second floor, the exhibit starts with the ‘70s and then extends to the present day. It includes drawings of the Lotus flower stage that the band created for its 1975 tour and the green jacket that Jagger wore on the 1989 Steel Wheels tour. You’ll hear Live at the Tokyo Dome, a 1990 live concert released as a digital-only album in 2012, as you walk through this part of the exhibit. Interactive iPads also enable exhibit attendees to learn more about individual songs by watching video presentations that combine old footage with Guitar Hero-like graphics. “If you’re a Stones fan your whole life or coming to the exhibit for the first time, you’ll get a deeper understanding of the music,” said Jason Hanley, the museum’s Director of Education as he demonstrated on one of one of the iPads. The Rock Hall is also promoting its fan-generated interactive exhibit which will allow fans from around the world to post Stones memorabilia on the Rock Hall website after they send the images to the Rock Hall’s Instagram and Twitter accounts (use the hashtag #rockhallsatisfaction).

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