Residents Aren't Very Good at Promoting Cleveland?




David Gilbert, the President of our city's booster institution Positively Cleveland, says that his organization has learned a whole bunch about attracting visitors to Northeast Ohio. Among other things, he claims that residents just aren't taking enough pride in the city.

"As we get into talking about perceptions, the perception of locals about our own community is not very good,” Gilbert told WCPN.

He said that "recommendations from residents" is one of three essential factors when people decide where to travel. It's right behind "recommendations from recent visitors" and "the internet."

(That's Drew Carey, by the way).


In an effort to, I don't know, enhance regional pride or something (so that we can all make better recommendations when random strangers ask us if they ought to visit Cleveland), Gilbert and Co. are starting something called the CLE Travelbackers, a two-session training program for those who deal directly with the traveling public. Moreover, they're imploring all local residents to take more pride in the city.

Which is just jim dandy, except doesn't this seem somewhat dubious when Cleveland boosterism among city dwellers appears to be an an unprecedented high?

(However, I guess when suburban folks are still timid about venturing into scary Ohio City because of the crazy parking situation, the problem may be more serious than it initially appears.)

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