Chief Editorial Writer Joe Frolik is Leaving the Plain Dealer


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Congrats Advance! Longtime reporter and Chief Editorial Writer Joe Frolik is leaving the Plain Dealer. He's taking a job with the Cuyahoga County Prosecutor's office, where he'll helm Timothy McGinty's communications and public policy arms.

In a farewell column yesterday, Frolik chronicled — as farewell columns often do — the inception of his love of journalism, and his impressive career with the PD, which began in 1981.

As an editorial writer with a giant megaphone for the last 12 years, I was part of a staff that encouraged people to reimagine the region's economy and overhaul county government. But the boundless idealism of that boy in Sycamore has been replaced by realism, the brashness by humility. It's hard to change a city block, let alone the world.

One of his most exciting projects recently was his piece on regionalism, encouraging the redrawing of County suburbs to "erase duplication and save money."

Frolik joins his wife, former PD Books Editor Karen Long, in the class of outstanding local journalists who've abandoned ship since Advance Publications' preposterous, senseless restructuring maneuvers.


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