Gina DeJesus is Adopting the Dog that Comforted Her


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Lala, a Shih-Tzu or poodle/terrier mix, is going home with Gina DeJesus, a woman she watched over for ten years in Ariel Castro's home.

Via Live With Dogs, the three women were sometimes allowed to play with Castro's three dogs during their captivity, and the dogs were often taken away from them as punishment.

After Castro's arrest, police seized all three — Lala and two Chihuahuas.

The dogs were taken in by Cleveland’s Animal Control. After the dogs were examined, microchipped and spayed/neutered, they were going to be up for adoption, and the women were given the first opportunity to take them home.

Gina chose Lala. One can only speculate about the company and comfort the small pup provided for Gina as she grew from teenager to young woman, but Lala is expected to be an excellent source of therapy as she continues to walk her path toward recovery.


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