5 Cleveland Missed Connections To Brighten Your Day




Craigslist has effectively written the obituary on newspaper classifieds — wink wink — and with missed connections like these, it may soon render traditional dating obsolete.

Check out these five beautiful (variations on) courtship propositions, all from today, which should demonstrate the caliber of date-able suitors in Northeast Ohio. Presented with limited editorial analysis to preserve their purity.

1) M4W — Rocky River

What's with all the hot girls working at Arby's? All through lunch I was thinking of something else rather than eating. But there is one that is especially cute! Wonder if she will see this???

Here's hoping!

2) M4W — Mayfield Half-Price Books

I was looking in the clearance section and caught a nice glance from ya and returned the favor...I would like to experience something exhausting and exciting! :) Maybe live out some of the highly arousing scenes from Zane's goodies...*wink*

There's a reference we all can enjoy.

3) M4W — Stow

I asked you at the traffic light if you like bald white guys?? You said to meet you at Charter one bank. You were so beautiful!! please contact me. I waited for you in the parking lot but it was the rong bank location. i hope to hear from you!! Baldie

"Yeah, sure thing. Meet me at the Charter One Bank. Yeah, the branch in Botswana. Of course I'll be there. After asking me if I like bald white guys, I was 100-percent in your sway."

4) M4W — West Cleveland

For the past few months I have done exactly what you wanted me to do.I have made alot of changes in my life.You told me for many years that you will never change and that I have to be the one who does it all.I dumped your sorry ass and met another woman who is so amazing.I fell madly in love with her and Im getting married this saturday.Thank you for your advice!We have come so close to get married but your anger and controlling ways destroyed us.I dealt with your bs for years and now its finally over.

Take that! Unfortunately, this gentleman seems to have interpreted "Missed Connections" as "Bad Relationships."

5) M4W — Richmond Hts.

I think it was a Cavalier.. You were behind me on Chardon rd. and went straight when I took a left on Richmond. Not so much a missed connection as much as I thought you were gorgeous from everything I could see. Just wanted to say hi. Not really in a position to meet anyone and I'm sure a pretty girl like you is taken also. Maybe next time around?

Not really in a position to meet anyone and I'm sure a pretty girl like you is taken also. Good thing there's the internet!

BONUS from yesterday (just so you folks don't think it's only men seeking women out there!)
6) W4M — Granger Rd.

We were driving in different directions and you whistled and I waved. We should talk. I have a situation that is boring and have been looking for fun. Maybe you could be my fun. Email me!

For situations like these, you never want the vetting process to be too thorough.

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