The Most Offensive Cleveland Indians Hat Ever




According to Major League Baseball, the Cleveland Indians will not be wearing a stars-and-stripes special edition Chief Wahoo cap on the 4th of July. And thank God.

New Era Caps, responsible for the butt-ugly design, mistakenly assumed that all teams would be sporting their primary logos. Instead, the Tribe will don their block-C cap, on which the stars and stripes don't look totally inappropriate (pictured right).

Here's what Business Insider had to say about the Wahoo design:

Nevermind that the logo is already an ignorant caricature of a race of people and nevermind the short-sightedness of covering a Native American logo with stars and stripes. Many feel the logo just looks a little too much like a Blackface cartoon.

And how. Even if you're not righteously opposed to Chief Wahoo — because of nostalgic attachment or, I don't know, loyalty — this would've been awful. Just atrocious. I mean it looks like Wahoo's covered in pimples or something.

And let's not even broach the fundamental (and almost sadistic) ironies involved.


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