Trent Reznor's 80s Synth-Pop Led to Nine Inch Nails Domination


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Circa the late 1980s, ladies and germs: Trent Reznor
  • Circa the late 1980s, ladies and germs: Trent Reznor
When we first heard that Cleveland-native Trent Reznor was reviving Nine Inch Nails earlier this year, we fell into a burst of spasmodic seizures and then blogged about it.

Well, we're super-jazzed yet again to chat about NIN's Oct. 5 show at CSU's Wolstein Center with Explosions in the Sky.

It's a pretty great pairing, topping even that 2005 show with NIN and Queens of the Stone Age. (Remember when Reznor's video feed cut out and he flipped his shit at the tech crew?)

In celebration, we'd like to turn the clock back to, oh, the late 1980s or so. That's when Reznor could have been caught jamming in Slam Bamboo, a super-tight synth-pop band that Scene once said "has everything it takes to make it big." On behalf of our editorial predecessors, sorry about that.

Anyway, fair warning: This is the best thing you'll watch all day.


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