A Very Cleveland-y Cleveland Proposal Video



Finally, someone has made a proposal video with Cleveland, Ohio, as its background and central theme.

(Full disclosure: This guy, Curtis, is a friend of mine and I took part in the video's creation).

Personal connection notwithstanding, this struck me as a city homage on the order of "Shitty Cleveland Tourism Video," only without the satire. This dude loves Cleveland, and he loves his fiancee.

The camera follows our protagonist as he merrily jogs by Cleveland landmarks — MOCA, the "Guardians of Traffic," St. Ed's and St. Ignatius, the various stadiums (all set to the throb and croon of Imagine Dragons) — and finally collects the ring at his childhood home and sprints back to present his loot to the camera.

It's no Jill and Kevin, but all in all it's a super cute way to kick off your Friday. Love is in the air this weekend, gentle readers. Love is in the air.

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