Ohio EPA Sets Trash Incinerator Hearing



The Ohio EPA set a public hearing for the proposed trash incinerator Cleveland Public Power is hoping to build on Ridge Road. Anyone interested in learning more or speaking out may attend at 6 p.m. June 12 at Estabrook Recreation Center: 4125 Fulton Road in Cleveland.

In essence and jargon: "The facility would house three municipal solid waste gasifer processing lines to produce syngas. The syngas would be burned in a furnace to produce heat, which in turn would be converted to steam in a heat recovery steam generator." Turning trash into energy, basically.

The major problem is that facilities like this tend to spew quite a bit of pollution into the air. The plant also happens to be located near residential neighborhoods shooting off of Denison Avenue. City leaders have advocated for more public input since the January 2012 that garnered a standing room-only audience.

The final decision on issuing a permit is expected later this summer. Residents who can't attend Wednesday's meeting may send comments by June 19 to:

Cleveland Division of Air Quality
Attn: David Hearne
75 Erieview Plaza
Suite 200
Cleveland, OH 44114

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