'Restore the Fourth' Rally Being Planned in Cleveland


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Following Edward Snowden's massive intelligence leak, groups around the country are gathering in support of Fourth Amendment rights.

"Restore the Fourth" rallies are being planned in major cities throughout the U.S. to coincide with our upcoming national day of independence.

A local rally is expected to take place July 4 at Edgewater Park. The planning work is being spearheaded through reddit, though a budding Facebook group is also drawing participants.

Current needs include all manner of supplies (sign materials, flags, pamphlets, flyers, buttons, stickers, coffee, etc.), speakers, media outreach people, social media coordinators, pamphleteers and more.

"We have to demand, politely, an end to unreasonable surveillance of Americans' personal effects," an organizer writes.

And here's the quick take from national leaders of the cause:

"We are a non partisan group of concerned citizens dedicated to restoring our fourth amendment rights. We come from all across the political spectrum, but what we all have in common is this: The right to be secure in our persons against unlawful search and seizures is a basic human right; a right that has been violated severely by our current government."


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