"Creatures of Lorain County" Facebook Page is Something To See: UPDATE



UPDATE: Amy Clark of Elyria, the creator of the "Creatures of Lorain County" Facebook page, is kinda upset with the social behemoth's decision to shut down her page.

As of yesterday, Facebook took down the page, citing violations of community guidelines.

“I’m just going to make a new page today and make it a private group page,” she told the Elyria Chronicle-Telegram. “That way people will have to ask permission to be on it and I can delete people and add people when I want. That way Facebook really can’t touch it...I don’t understand what the big deal is with my page because there are way worse pages out there."

- Eric Sandy

Originally posted June 17:

We've long been a fan of our neighbors to the west in the Lorain area here at Scene, but the level to which the characters (put loosely) of that fair geographic region are celebrated (and, yes, mocked) at the Facebook page "The Creatures of Lorain County" is some next-level dedication and research.

Presented without comment, one of the page's entries.


And another.


Go ahead and browse for yourself. It's, um, interesting.

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