'Rust Belt Rising' Book Tour Rolls Through Cleveland



Gleaning the literary spark from the county's Rust Belt cities, a new collection of essays, stories, poems and more is making the rounds across the region. The Rust Belt Rising Almanac was published this past spring, offering readers the world over a glimpse into life in cities like Cleveland, Pittsburgh and others.

The Head & The Hand Press founder Nic Esposito and Philadelphia musician Todd Henkin (of the critically acclaimed band The Great Unknown) are taking the book on a tour of the Rust Belt. They'll roll through Cleveland this weekend, beginning tomorrow evening.

The Almanac tour will stop in Cleveland on June 21 at 78th Street Studios between 5-9 p.m., on June 22 at Visible Voice Books from 7-9 p.m. and on June 23 at the Market Garden Brewery & Distillery from 4-6 p.m. Esposito and Henkin will host atypical book talks, showcasing the work in the Almanac through performance-based storytelling and music.

“Todd and I have been mixing story and song for a while,” says Esposito. “We wanted to do justice to the Rust Belt Rising Almanac by going beyond the normal book talk and creating a night that is as unique as the stories and style found in the Almanac.”

The events surely promise something a little different. The book itself is an amalgamation of ideas and passions; this weekend's roundup of events will reflect that.

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