Kenny Crumpton Arrested in Lakewood (Updated)




Update: Crumpton pleaded not guilty to the OVI charge. In related news, the next "Kickin' It With Kenny" segment will feature how to make hooch in a jail-cell toilet.


Fox 8 reporter Kenny Crumpton was arrested last night on Orchard Grove Avenue in Lakewood for operating a vehicle under the influence. A DUI may now be called an OVI, but one thing will never change: Crumpton loves to party.

Don't believe us? How drunk do you think he was during any of the following (from his Fox 8 bio)?

His antics have placed him standing atop Terminal Tower (575 feet above ground), wrestling a bear, jumping off a 30-foot platform into Lake Erie, skydiving out of a plane at 12,000 feet, riding a circus elephant, feeding a 500 pound tiger "inside" the cage, hanging out in a shark tank with eight sharks and trading steps with Broadway-great Ben Vereen.

We can't say we fully understand the quotes around "inside" — was it inside the cage or wasn't it? — we respect that this man has made a career out of doing stupid stuff for the entertainment of Cleveland's morning news crowd.

He's scheduled to appear in court next week.

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