Kevin Costner Practiced with the Cleveland Indians Yesterday



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Kevin Costner is in town for the filming of Draft Day, in which he plays the general manager of the Cleveland Browns.

He showed up at the Jake yesterday, hoping to get in on some batting practice and baseball shenanigans with the Tribe. He did not leave disappointed.

"We have a new player, bro," Nick Swisher said, announcing Costner's one-day contract with the team. (This is the best quote you'll read all day, by the way.) He continued, though it wasn't clear if anyone was really listening: "We've got Kevin Costner on our side."

Here are some verbal highlights from Costner himself, via ABC News:

On the Tribe's chances at success: "I think if they just make up their mind, they're going to go to somebody else's gym and beat 'em up."

On the Tribe's relentless attitude: "I've watched a lot of baseball and they have a couple of good pieces of DNA, and one of them is they come from behind. Not all teams can do that. They've got the right amount of athletic arrogance to do that."

On his own so-so batting: "I thought my chances of swinging through the ball were just as good as fouling it off."

On how surprisingly cool Cleveland is: "I like the town. I told my wife how fun it is to walk around. I'm not a drinker. I think you've gotta drink to fit in here."

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