Cleveland is the Coolest Place to Ride Out Global Warming




Congrats Clevelanders! Apparently we're the sixth best city in the U.S. in which to ride out global warming. squeezed us in their list The 10 Best Cities to Ride Out Hot Times right between Nappanee, IN and Leadville, CO.

While we don't specialize in the trailer-making biz, nor are we located 2 miles above sea level, our new climate action plan still makes us pretty darn cool.

As the faces of other big-shot cities begin to melt (I'm nodding at you, NYC and Chicago) we'll be enjoying the cool breeze of an increasingly less polluted lake and the cool taste of victory from an increasingly hot baseball team.

Even people from LA can't argue with that.

Other cities that made Grist's list include:

Seattle, WA

Homer, AK (a real wild card)

Detroit, MI

Lancaster, PA

Nashville, TN

Burlington, VT


San Francisco, CA

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