This Guy Entered the Wrong Home and Raided the Fridge Before Being Arrested




You know it's been a long night when one minute you're making a snack and the next minute you're being arrested.

A Solon man, 21, was arrested early yesterday morning after he allegedly entered a home on Churchill Drive and began removing items from the refrigerator, reported.

The resident of the home initially thought that the noise in the kitchen was coming from his wife. When he went downstairs to investigate, however, he was shocked to find an unknown man holding food from his fridge.

When the owner asked the intruder what he was doing, the snack bandit replied, "It's cool — my friend dropped me off." The intruder thought he was in the home of a friend who lives on the same street.

Once the intruder realized his mistake, he fled the scene but was caught shortly after by police.

He now faces a misdemeanor charge.

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