Lorain Children Found Living in Filthy Motel Room



Today in "Goddammit, Lorain":

Lorain investigators ended up discovering four children living in filth at Erieview Motel. They were on the trail of abuse allegations against their mother. Clearly, the worst suspicions were confirmed.

As The Morning Journal reports, the children dwelt among massive piles of trash and dirty dishes. Empty 40s littered the room. Making the illustration even more unsettling, one of the children was determined to be only 20 days old.

As the story goes, police followed a horrible trail to the motel, where they discovered two men in the room. They gave police incorrect names and information, of course, delaying the inevitable by whole minutes. Children Services soon got involved and Amber Sweeney, 29, was arrested.

And, oh, yeah: She pleaded not guilty in court yesterday.

Goddammit, Lorain.

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