Celebrating Freedom at Lakewood Park: July 4th Edition


Lakewood Park's *July 4th Rules* gained some traction on the Internet heading into this week. The photo was originally posted over at lakewoodcitizen.com.

And the viral discussion is well deserved: The roster of regulations flies in the face of this fine nation's independence.

Highlights include the police searches of bags and coolers. Video surveillance throughout the park adds a fine dystopian flair, if you're into that.

Keen observers will remember last year's show at Lakewood Park just never happened. Technical difficulties took over and thousands of people were left wondering what the hell was going on. At the time, Scene gracefully referred to the incident as a "poop sandwich" for all involved. Yep.

Recently, Mayor Michael Summers offered this illustrative take on the matter: “I’ll be as nervous as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rockers. If those fireworks don’t go off I will be on a rail on my way out of town — tarred and feathered.”

But don't bring your long-tailed cat to the park that night (no pets) and don't bring any tar and/or feathers, either (there's probably a rule about that, too).


Photo credit: lakewoodcitizen.com / @lkwdcitizen


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