The 'Brohio Movement' is Happening, Thanks to Nick Swisher



With starry eyes and a hope for real revolution in his time, Nick Swisher is helping to ignite what the Tribe's dutiful PR department is terming the BROHIO MOVEMENT. "Calling all bros!" is how the press release begins, to paint a picture of what sort of shenanigans you can expect.

But it's all in good fun and it's totally expected, given Swisher's propensity for slipping "bro" into every sentence, bro. He's also gained notoriety for the "BROHIO" aviators T-shirt that's catching on around the Jake.

On Fridays, Section 117 will transform into BROHIO, which is either frightening or awesome (frawesome?). The first 100 ticket purchases to each game will earn each buyer a BROHIO T-shirt.

And, oh, yeah: With the Tigers' loss today, the Tribe is back on top of the division. ...Bro.

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