VIDEO: 3 Things that Could Go Terribly, Terribly Wrong with Homemade Fireworks


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NewsNet 5 produced a rather graphic video last week that illustrates what can happen when fireworks malfunction. They used mannequins to demonstrate the severity of bodily injury, but we still found the clip rather disturbing.

The report said that in 2012 alone, more than 5,000 people nationwide were sent to the hospital with firework-related injuries in the 30 days surrounding Independence Day.

Celebrate your freedom with care, people. And remember these 4 safety tips when setting off homemade fireworks:

1. Set fireworks on a dry, flat surface
2. Have a water hose available
3. Never bend over a firework to light it
4. Never pick up a dud if it doesn't go off the first time

Still not scared? Just try Googling images of homemade fireworks.


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