Joe Cimperman is on a Night Club-Closing Spree



Cleveland City Councilman Joe "Development, Development!" Cimperman is really into closing down dubious night clubs these days.

He was tangentially successful with Lounge 75, which was the site of a murderous shooting last month. Cimperman publicly vowed to strip the joint of its liquor license, but landlord Dan Dzina stepped in and just shut the whole mess down. It's probably for the best, and it's probably a more appropriate source for closure.

Next up: Tops and Bottoms, according to 19 Action News' report.

"Because we want people to know with all the investment happening downtown, the casino, and everything else, that people are safe and that we are committed to keeping downtown a safe place to visit," Cimperman told the news station. It's worth noting that his little Gilbertian slip - "the casino" - doesn't seem to contrast too well against the self-made backdrop of seedy downtown clubs. Ho hum.

But the purview expands further, as Cimperman continues to ramble to whomever will listen. He wants Tomo shut down "because of questions about music and an overall operating agreement." He wants Anatomy shut down following a major fight earlier this year.

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