The Average Ohioan Slammed 321 Beers Last Year



Ohio likes beer. That's, like, one of the divine truths we all come to know during our brief respites on this mortal coil.

Putting the matter into perspective, Ohioans pounded an average of 321 beers last year. And that certainly sounds mighty Ohio-y, but that actually puts the Buckeye State at just about the median across the U.S. states - 23rd in all.

Weak. Sauce.

North Dakota, which leads the country in beer consumption, downs 45.8 gallons per person. GALLONS.

We're eyeing one of the biggest booze days of the year tomorrow. And we've got just shy of six months until the curtain closes on 2013. Toward what lofty ranking* shall we ascend, Ohio?

*No. 1 would sure be fun, but please don't be a drunk asshole along the way.

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