Dish of the Day: Lobster Pierogi @ Burntwood




Is there a more iconic Cleveland food than the pierogi? In recent years, many chefs have put a modern spin on the modest Polish dish, none more famously than Michael Symon and Lola's beef cheek pierogi.

Another rendition that is soon to be a classic is the lobster pierogi appetizer ($13) at Burntwood Tavern. Available at all four locations in Rocky River, Brecksville, Chagrin Falls and Solon, the dish features handmade dough stuffed with succulent lobster meat and mozzarella cheese. They are browned in butter, leaving them crisp on the outside, then topped with sweet caramelized onions. They're finished with a dollop of truffle sour cream. Sure beats potato-cheddar, doesn't it?

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