The Plain Dealer's Top Story This Morning was About Poop




Front page news, folks, Above the fold. It's not foreign wars or downtown controversy or even the Tall Ships Festival, but a story about poop transplants.

Evidently, healthy poop inserted via colonoscopy into the bowels of someone with unhealthy poop (specifically C. diff) makes all the difference:

In addition, recent changes in federal regulations eliminate tedious paperwork that was previously required to perform the procedure on patients with repeated bouts of c. diff, which can cause cramps, abdominal pain and diarrhea so frequent and severe it keeps people from their daily activities.

Three hospitals have now performed the procedure (wow!), despite what reporter Diane Suchetka has coined the "ick factor."

No knock on Suchetka — the story's fine. Just felt worth mentioning that our region's flagship daily news source is leading Monday morning with something this non-essential.

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