VIDEO: ESPN's Amazing Story on 2 Former Cleveland Wrestling Teammates




ESPN's update to their story on an unlikely pair of Cleveland high school wrestlers is a real tear-jerker and, according to Sports Illustrated's media columnist, may be the best segment SportsCenter has ever done.

In 2009, then-ESPN producer Lisa Fenn, a Cleveland native, found the story of the Lincoln-West High School wrestlers Leroy Sutton, a double-amputee since the age of 11 after freight train crushed his legs, and Dartanyon Crockett, who is legally blind. The piece chronicled the duo's struggles growing up and their bonding through wrestling. You can watch and read the first story here.

Four years later, the amazing follow-up, released yesterday on SportsCenter and on, goes behind the scenes of how Fenn earned Sutton's and Crockett's trust to became a major part of their lives even after the ESPN cameras stopped rolling, and the different paths the two wrestlers took after high school ("the story was just beginning, of three people who entered each other's lives, and never left," said ESPN's Tom Rinaldi, introducing the story). Click here for Fenn's story and the video on, or watch below:

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