Afternoon Brew: 5 Things Going on Right Now that You Should Know About




Good afternoon, Cleveland. Here's some reading material to get you through the 4 p.m. drag.

- Your furry four-legged friends are now eligible for food stamps! That's right, Clevelanders who currently receive public assistance through the government are now able to get food stamps for their pets. (19 Action News)

- While newspapers across the country have been tightening their belts in recent months (or years), the Akron Beacon Journal has decided to expand their home delivery service to 7 days a week. No word on whether they're willing to take some of those unlucky PDers on board, too. (19 Action News)

- A Huron County jail guard was fired last week for getting too friendly with inmates. The 20-something female guard allegedly was passing notes and having conversations with some of the prisoners. Busted. (Sandusky Register)

- Congrats! Apparently we set a record today for the 15th straight day of rain. According to, that's the longest stretch we've gone since the 1900s. Don't put your umbrellas away just yet either. The rain's supposed to continue through the week. (

- This didn't happen in Ohio, but it's so bizarre we want to share it with you anyway. An Oklahoma man was found today not in, not next to, but stuck inside an outdoor toilet. He said his girlfriend hit him over the head with a tire iron and pushed him in. Ohhh really? Police didn't believe him either. He's now facing charges of a Peeping Tom misdemeanor. (News Net 5)

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