Xavier Rudd at Beachland Ballroom: Concert Review



Xavier Rudd at Beachland
  • Xavier Rudd at Beachland
The mood was already pretty vibey as the crowd awaited Xavier Rudd's appearance onstage. Several dancer were scoping out the headiest spots on the floor, waving sticks of incense and casting chants into the air in anticipation. Pretty far out stuff.

Rudd opened the set with the simultaneous explosive and droning "Lioness Eye." With two didgeridoos and a drum kit surrounding him, Rudd threw down a maniacal take on the song. As he ripped into the didgeridoos, his eyes wandered across the steadily groovin' audience.

Another highlight came by way of "Follow the Sun," a bit of a hit from his latest album Spirit Bird.

The great thing about Rudd's performance was his earnestness throughout it all. It was plain to see that he wanted to be nowhere else than here at the Beachland, playing for Cleveland. He's toured all over the world, and there's a good reason why fans pack into auditoriums for his shows whenever he swings close by. (Last night's show ended up selling out, by the way.)

Check out this slick Instagram shot of Rudd rocking out on his didgeridoos and drum kit:

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