A Cleveland Man was One of Two People Gored in Saturday's Running of the Bulls




A 35-year-old Cleveland man was one of two people gored in Saturday's Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain.

According ABC Espana, the man suffered a "rectal perforation" and underwent surgery at a local hospital. He is only being identified by his initials, I.L.

The Associated Press reports that the thrill-seeker was gored as a result of a human pileup at the narrow entrance to the bull ring.

Despite being from Cleveland, the man failed to recognize the bottle neck traffic jam in time to change his route.

A 19-year-old Spanish man was also gored in the armpit and 21 others were hospitalized for less-serious injuries on Saturday.

Sunday was the last day of the nine day event which produces dozens of injuries each year as young people, many of whom are foreigners, mix alcohol and adrenaline to run alongside the massive bulls.

Gorings are said to be the most serious of injuries. The last fatal goring occurred in 2009.

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