Every Major Media Outlet Wants to Interview the Cleveland Kidnapping Victims



A little over a week ago, Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight released a video via the public relations company that has been assisting the trio since they're rescue. They expressed their thanks for Cleveland's support without an interview, in their own words.

Which doesn't mean there hasn't been opportunity to sit down with the media for a tell-all of their ordeals. Via McIntyre's column in today's PD come some not entirely unsurprising numbers about the scope of attention foisted upon the victims before and after the video. Everyone from Oprah to the Today Show has been calling looking for the media get of all gets. The girls could easily pull in six figures each to tell their stories and answer questions, but they prefer to remain private as they continue to heal in whatever ways are possible following their rescue.

Still, Hennes [of Hennes Paynter Communications], he got about 300 calls and e-mails requesting interviews. Producers for Oprah Winfrey, Katie Couric, Piers Morgan, and a number of other celebrity interviewers, have been asking for face time with the world’s most intriguing crime victims.

The vast majority of the producers have been very polite, Hennes said, but “some of them have been just downright rude.”


Among the other outlets putting on the hard sell is the Today Show.

“For the most part, the media has been respectful. Nobody’s camped out on their doorsteps. The media get this. They realize that these three women were very genuine in saying please respect our bondaries,” Hennes said.

Hopefully they continue to exhibit that respect until the girls are ready, if ever, to talk.

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