Fans at a Lake Erie Crushers Game May Have Broken the World Record for Flossing


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Fans at a Lake Erie Crushers baseball game may have broken the world record for simultaneous flossing on Friday when 1,530 people all flossed for 30 seconds on one continuous piece of string.

While some people may call that gross, others call it necessary.

Dr. Andrew Deak of Deak Medical Industry sponsored the event to raise awareness about the importance of dental hygiene after a recent study said that the Cleveland area has the worst flossing habits in the country, WKYC reported.

The previous world record for flossing was made in Mooresville, NC in March 2004 when 1,470 people flossed on a 6,000-foot single string.

Guinness has yet to certify the record made on Friday evening, but fans hope the record will be noted in the coming weeks.


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