Video: unknown man knocked out and bloody




On the ground, unconscious and bleeding from the head. Youtube user "mary jane" uploaded a video called "Cleveland drunk" on Saturday showing an unknown man unconscious on the ground of what looks to be a parking lot or gas station. The people in the video don't seem to know who he is or what happened to him, and are (rightfully) grossed out when the man rolls over to reveal a massive head wound around the 1:04 mark in the video after regaining consciousness.

"Cleveland drunk" is the only video uploaded by the user (who subscribes to Cleveland's Tops & Bottoms youtube page) and the only description is "Dude get up from knockout." As of this post, it only has nine views since it was uploaded on Saturday. The bloodied man is wearing a shirt with the following writing: "The 3rd Episcopal District," "AME Church" (African Methodist Episcopal), and "Prison Ministry."

Any clues?

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