There Were No Chief Wahoo Hats at All-Star Game FanFest




After the missteps and hullabaloo surrounding the Cleveland Indians' Fourth of July cap, it looks like Major League baseball is taking a more cautious approach to depictions of Chief Wahoo everywhere.

Via Rob Neyer, writing for Baseball Nation, there were no Chief Wahoo caps available at All-Star Game FanFest festivities in New York City.

Neyer visited both cap displays at the MLB Clubhouse store. Both of them featured the Indians' block-C caps (red and navy, respectively). Wrote Neyer:

Maybe I'm reading too much into this, but doesn't it seem odd that Major League Baseball's not selling the Indians' primary caps in the official store? I'm not saying that Chief Wahoo's on the way out anytime soon. But it does seem that perhaps MLB is uncomfortable with the image. Not to the point of telling the Indians to stop using the damned thing. But it seems that someone in New York isn't thrilled with it.

We ought to point out, once again, our feature story from 2012 which calls Chief Wahoo America's "last acceptable racist symbol."

Perhaps it's in keeping with other trends (fashion, culture, etc.) that New York is a few years ahead of the Midwest. In five years, Wahoo might not be around at all.

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