Cedar Point boat ride flips, injuring seven



Shoot the Rapids at Cedar Point in Sandusky
  • Shoot the Rapids at Cedar Point in Sandusky

"It takes you up and splashes you down," says the Cedar Point website about the "Shoot the Rapids" water ride. "Then it takes you up again and, well, the rest is a surprise. Shoot the rapids feels like a real wild river adventure with canyons, a tunnel and something unexpected around every corner!"

Well, it turn's out, that description is pretty accurate. Seven people on the Shoot the Rapids ride were hurt yesterday evening when the boat flipped, sending the riders into the water. According to the Sandusky Register:

Sometime around 6:30 p.m., a Shoot the Rapids boat was ascending the first lift hill when the ride malfunctioned, sending the boat backwards and into the entry chute, witnesses said. The entry chute is hemmed in by concrete and the chute itself is filled with water.

The paper reported a witness said one woman appeared to have a head injury and some of the riders "were submerged for a few minutes before rescuers could correct the boat." According to a statement from the park, all seven of the riders were taken to the park's first aid station where six were evaluated and released and one was trnasported to the hospital.

Here's the 911 call, obtained by the Sandusky Register:

SDRG Video -

Here's a video of how the ride is supposed to happen, from the Cedar Point youtube channel:

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