Man Banned From Local McDonald's For Returning Half-Eaten Food




It's not just police-blotter fun, it's police-blotter fun with the bonus of fast food!

From the ABJ comes this report of a fast-food fan who has taken to digging into Mickey D's around the area only to return with half-eaten Big Macs and such, hoping for a half or full return on his value-menu purchases.

Medina Police were called to the North Court McDonalds Wednesday night after a customer attempted to return a half-eaten meal.

Police say the restaurant’s manager complained that the man was “continually trying to return food from other McDonalds after half eaten for full refund.”

The manager told the officers that the man, along with a female companion, have been “doing this at several McDonalds for several months from Brunswick to Medina.”

What a beautiful racket! Eat ten of the 20 McNuggets, return. Eat half the fries, return.

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