Ariel Castro's Sentencing Slated for Thursday Morning



In what should hopefully be the last newsworthy update to this monster's life, Ariel Castro will appear for a sentence hearing tomorrow morning. He'll be getting life behind bars - plus 1,000 years.

He's also expected to speak during the hearing and, per anticipations, expound on the woe-is-me nonsense he uttered during last week's hearing. ("I would like to state that I was also a victim as a child and it just kept going," he told Judge Michael Russo.)

Amanda Berry, one of the three victims, stopped by Seymour Avenue yesterday to see the house and briefly chat with neighbors. On Castro's dime, the house will be demolished sometime soon.

As for tomorrow's hearing, none of the women - Berry, Gina DeJesus, Michelle Knight - are expected to appear in court. A representative may deliver a statement on their behalf. Via WKYC, however, there is no set witness list for the day's proceedings.

The news stations will be running streams of the hearing, which should be the most insightful look into the case. Detectives are expected to testify and offer details from the house.

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