Sweet Melissa's Hopping the River to East Side




Sweet Melissa, the popular west side restaurant with locations in Rocky River and Avon Lake, is hopping across town. The owners say they hope to open their new Shaker Heights location, in the former home of North Park Grill (20630 N. Park Blvd.) at Fairmount Circle, by early November.

"We were approached by the developer Darrel A. Young Enterprises, who had been seeking a restaurant to not only accent the neighborhood, but a tenant that can build a relationship with the university," says owner Matt Ullom. "We loved the space and it was a perfect fit."

With construction plans submitted to the city, the interior will undergo a renovation that will leave it closely resembling the Rocky River location. "We are using a lot of the Rocky River elements, including wall colors and hard wood floors. Plus, this one will have a patina ceiling" says Ullom.

Unlike the Rocky River store, the new spot will have a quick-serve coffee station. "This station will be a place where you can walk-up and grab a coffee and a scone," explains Ullom. Sweet Melissa will also use the existing sidewalk patio to accommodate an additional 28 guests.

The menu will be an exact replica of the Rocky River and Avon Lake stores, complete with their well stocked pastry case.

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