Ariel Castro Spews Bullshit During Public Statement



Well, the formal sentencing for monster Ariel Castro is wrapping up downtown. Throughout the morning, prosecutors offered detailed glimpses into the captivity of Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight. Later, statements from the victims were made, including an actual appearance from Knight in the courtroom. The hearing ended with Castro uttering words - mostly excuses about his actions, victim-blaming, FBI-blaming and assertions that there was "harmony" inside 2207 Seymour Avenue.

Knight explained that "years turned into eternity" during her decade-plus of life in Castro-spawned squalor.

"Life is tough, but I'm tougher!" she said.

For his part, the monster had a few ridiculous things to say. He's going to jail for long time today, so take his woe-is-me act with the good faith that his life is over.

"I'm not a violent person." (That was repeated several times.) Also: "I am not a monster. I am sick."

"I don't realize what I am doing is wrong. I am not trying to make excuses. I am a happy person."

"I feel that the FBI let these girls down. They failed to question me. If they would have questioned me, possible it would have ended right there."

"I am not a violent predator. I could not control my addiction."

"All I did was keep them there and not allow them to leave."

"I never had a record until I met my children's mother...I was never abusive until I met her."

"There was never no evidence of me murdering a fetus. That never happened. I never killed anyone and I am not a murderer."

He said that Amanda Berry's daughter, of whom he's the father, would say, "My dad was the best dad in the world." He also asserted that she lived a normal life. We're just going to leave this right here: !!!

He also gave advice to Judge Michael Russo: "Do some research on people who have addictions."

...In the end, Russo settled the bullshit: "To the victim, excuses don't take away the harm that is involved," he told Castro as he read the sentence.

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