Steps Taken Toward Extradition of Murdered Airman's Wife



Karl and Claudia Hoerig
  • Karl and Claudia Hoerig
The Brazilian government revoked the official citizenship of Claudia Hoerig yesterday, paving the way for her extradition to the U.S.

Rep. Tim Ryan, a Youngstown Democrat, announced the news and explained that Hoerig is expected to someday stand trial for the 2007 murder of U.S. Air Force Reserve Major Karl Hoerig, her late husband. They lived in Trumbull County's Newton Falls.

(In 2011, former Scene writer Kyle Swenson detailed the murder and Claudia's flight to Brazil.)

"If she does not qualify and is not a Brazilian citizen and her citizenship is revoked and they do not grant it back to her then she will be processed and sent to the United States and the U.S. marshals will go down and get her," Ryan said to WFMJ.

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