Scene Podcast: The Never-Ending Pain of the Boy Scouts' Perversion Files




The first installment of Scene's podcast is embedded below for your listening pleasure. We'll have it up on iTunes soon, and we'll have some proper music and introductions, but we wanted to kick things off without delay to talk about this week's feature story: an in-depth investigation into two former Scoutmaster listed in the Boy Scouts' perversion files who were protected by the organization and given freedom to molest — dozens, in one case — other victims. The story also contains the heartbreaking account of one victim.

Craig Lyndall will be your weekly host (also check him out at

In this episode, he talks with Doug Brown, the Scene reporter who wrote the story, and Patrick Boyle, author of "Scouts' Honor" (now available on the Kindle) the foremost book on Boy Scout abuse. Enjoy.

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