The Cleveland DUI Checkpoint Facebook Page is Pretty Popular




If you're looking for a one-stop shop for alerts about DUI checkpoints being run in and around Cleveland, join over 15,000 of your closest friends over at the Cleveland DUI Checkpoint Facebook Page, which has amassed that healthy total of followers in just about two weeks.

Save the outrage about the page and general alerts about where cops will be camped out looking for drunk drivers for another outlet. This isn't about assisting tipsy travelers in avoiding the law — though, there's certainly some who use public notices of checkpoints for just that purpose. As the Facebook page's admin notes:

We believe that knowledge breeds responsibility. If people are reminded of the existence of Checkpoints, they are far more likely to call a cab or designate a driver. Indeed, it's far safer for the person who has been drinking to never get behind the wheel of a car because they know about the many Checkpoints out there, than to drive drunk for miles, endangering lives & causing the types of accidents your discussing of the way to a DWI checkpoint. Indeed, MADD has studied this issue & determined that the deterrent effect of social media warnings exceed the value of the Checkpoints themselves, reducing alcohol related injuries & deaths by 20%

Stay safe out there.

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