The hopelessly optimistic Cleveland sports songs of 2009




Music about Cleveland sports: hilarious. Music about Cleveland sports from four years ago: even better. Six songs from The Cleveland Sports Band's 2009 album "Cavaliers, Indians & Browns" were just uploaded on Youtube and, thanks to the benefit of hindsight, the otherwise cheery and hopeful anthems showcase the futility of being a Cleveland sports fan.

My favorite the bunch, given this week's cover story by Nate Jackson, is The CSB's (which is, I'm assuming, what the cool kids call the band) song "Coach Eric Mangini," created before two consecutive 5-11 seasons ("The Cleveland Browns are gonna turn things around, because Eric Mangini has come to town"). The Youtube uploader doesn't allow the songs to be embedded, so here's the song embedded from Spotify:

Other songs just uploaded on Youtube include:
—"Shaquille O'Neal Wants to Win a Ring with the King"
—"Ben Wallace"
—"Travis Hafner (Pronk)"
—"Mike Holmgren Has Come to Cleveland to Save the Browns!"
—"Ladies Love Grady Sizemore"

You can download all 17 tracks from the Cleveland Sports Band's classic 2009 album on for just $5.97 or listen on spotify (but you should download it and support the guy). Here's the full track listing from the album:

1. Lebron James
2. Ladies Love Grady Sizemore

3. Travis Hafner
4. Coach Mike Brown's Game Plan (Give Lebron the Ball)
5. The Bugs in Cleveland Love the Indians (Just Ask Joba)
6. Jhonny Peralta

7. Ben Wallace
8. Wally Szczerbiak
9. Lebron James, Please Don't Leave Cleveland!
10. Cliff Lee

11. Brady Quinn

12. Manager Eric Wedge
13. Kerry Wood Is An Indian!
14. Jose Mesa Still Can't Show His Face in Cleveland
15. Mo Williams
16. Coach Eric Mangini
17. Lebron James's Mother

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