Abandoned Ohio: 22 Photos of Ohio's Deserted Landmarks



Urban exploration is about three things: history, photography, and exploring your surroundings.

At least that's what it means for the folks at Great Lakes Urban Exploration, a local organization comprised of a group of friends who grew up taking pictures, climbing onto rooftops, and crawling through the drain tunnels of Ohio's abandoned locations.

Since their formation in 2004, the group's frequented some pretty amazing places- the M. Burkhardt Brewery, the Quincy Building, and the Ypsilanti Psych Hospital, to name a few- and they've zealously documented their travels on their website.

We've gotten permission to share some of their photos of Ohio's deserted landmarks with you today for the first installment of our slideshow series, Abandoned Ohio.

All photos are courtesy of Jeffrey R. Stroup for Great Lakes Urban Exploration.

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