Mike DeWine Rejects Marijuana Ballot Issue


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Ohio Attorney General Mike "Buzzkill" DeWine is rejecting the proposed End Ohio Cannabis Prohibition Act. Saying the summary language of the petition had "four defects," DeWine insists the petition being circulated for signature-gathering is a bit misleading to voters.

Read the amendment online.

Responsible Ohioans for Cannabis submitted the amendment (complete with 2,304 signatures from Ohioans) to DeWine's office as part of the standard process behind getting an amendment on the ballot. With the efforts temporarily stalled, the group can submit revised language, though they'll have to gather 1,000 signatures again.

DeWine says that the summary language does not fully represent the amendment's actual provisions. In a news release published Aug. 12, he also takes a bombastic dig at the proposal: "...this letter is not intended to represent an exhaustive list of all defects in the submitted summary.”

As all of this is going on, Ohio Rights Group is still working on its own amendment. Executive Director John Pardee and his group are eyeing the November 2014 ballot.

There's also the Ohio Alternative Treatment Amendment, which seeks similar ends.


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