30 People Who Help Make Cleveland The Best Damn Place in America


Welcome to our first-ever edition of Cleveland People, an issue where we celebrate some of the finest folks calling Northeast Ohio home.

We know: How do you whittle down the hundreds of thousands of residents doing mind-blowingly awesome things in this city down to a list of 30? Good question. It's an unenviable task and one that we didn't take lightly.

Rather than a "Most Interesting" theme — because, after all, every Clevelander is interesting in his/her own way — or a "40 Under 40" or "25 Folks Whose Cell Phone Numbers We Had Handy," we decided simply to find 30 people we admire from all walks of life. Simple as that.

Everyone knows the Michael Symons and Kyrie Irvings and the like, and we're proud to call them ours, but we wanted to go a little deeper, profiling the folks you might not know — the people that feed us, care for us, heal us, fight for us, entertain us and generally make this city the best damn place in America.

And if you think someone should have been included but wasn't, don't worry, there's always next year.

You can check out the full bios here.

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