15 of the Best Pizza Places in Cleveland, East to West



Both Chicago and New York City are the two pizza capitols in the U.S., and Cleveland is fortunate to be smack in the middle of both of them. Having that central proximity has no doubt provided influence to the pizza makers of Northeast Ohio. Whether you fancy thin crust, fold over New York style, or Chicago deep dish area pizzerias have you covered. Because of those two cities, some of our local pizzerias have even become inspired to create a Cleveland style pie taking some of the best edible attributes of the CHI-NYC connection.

Deciding which pizza joints are the areas best spark passionate discussion and debates. So we felt it prudent to separate the Cleveland market into three sections — east side, west/south side, and the downtown, Tremont, Ohio City, and Detroit Shoreway neighborhoods. This list could easily be 25 locales in each sector, but honestly who has all day to click when you have so much pizza to eat.

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