Feds seize nearly a ton of weed headed to Cleveland




If pot in Cleveland seems unusually scarce, now you know why: nearly a ton of marijuana on its way to the city was seized at Mexican border.

Canton-area residents Ray Sanchez, 46, and Andy Fagan, 29, were arrested in the plot and charged with conspiracy to possess marijuana with intent to distribute. The feds say the two arranged to have the weed shipped to Cleveland in a semi. Per the Canton Repository:

Through a confidential source and an undercover officer, authorities said they learned from Sanchez the marijuana would be hidden inside recycling equipment. On Aug. 2, the FBI said it intercepted a Federal Express package containing $20,000 in cash destined for Sanchez’s contact in Texas. Fagan was listed as sender of the package, according to court papers.
The shipment was to arrive in Cleveland on Aug. 15, but Homeland Security agents intercepted the marijuana at the border crossing in Loredo, Texas. The marijuana was hidden in recycling equipment addressed to Fagan, according to court papers.

Check out cantonrep.com for the details.

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