Cleveland is America's 22nd Funniest City




According to an Excel-savvy content editor at Movoto Real Estate, Cleveland ranks No. 22 on an independent list of America's 50 funniest cities.

The ranking actually has the odor of mathematical legitimacy. Movoto compiled data points like comedy clubs per capita, festivals, sitcoms (i.e. "Hot in Cleveland"), and improv groups per capita. It's tricky, of course, because a city with 10 bad comedy clubs isn't necessarily funnier than a city with six good ones — and Atlanta in the top spot almost de-legitimizes the entire enterprise — but we appreciate the effort.

Many thanks to bustling comedians like Mike Polk, Ramon Rivas; clubs like Hilarities; and improv troupes like Something Dada for bolstering Cleveland's ranking.

If you don't have the energy to actually click on the list, here's an abridged version:

1) Atlanta
2) Chicago
3) Los Angeles
4) Boston
5) New York
6) Minneapolis
7) Seattle
8) Orlando
11) Oakland
13) Honolulu
21) St. Louis
22) Cleveland
23) Reno
28) Columbus
31) Pittsburgh
49) Louisville
50) Omaha

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