Trailer: 'The Greatest Movie About Cleveland Comedy Ever Made'




The trailer for "Make Fun" was just uploaded by comic Jim Tews, a Cleveland-native who directed "the greatest movie about Cleveland comedy ever made" (produced with Ramon Rivas II). It features Bill Squire (the subject of this week's Facetime) , Mike Polk, Carey Callahan, Yusef Ali, Maria Borgio and Lee Honeycutt. The movie is premiering at 7 p.m. on Sept. 22 at the Capital Theater (West 65th Street). Here's the description:

"Make Fun" is a crowd-funded, independent comedy special that takes the form of a documentary/concert film. It shows the growth of Cleveland's independent comedy scene mixing vignettes, interviews and footage from one live show featuring some of its major players. The project was funded through a kickstarter campaign, and most of its backers were the very people in the audience.

"Make Fun" gives viewers a look at the less-exposed world of standup comedy in a smaller city, where the talent level is high and the performers rely on their community, instead of an industry. Don't worry, this isn't like some "Waiting For Guffman" kind of thing. Everyone involved is a legitimately funny professional.

Here's the trailer

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